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Directly from Gabriele Pesacane
(Co-Founder of Cryptoverso)

Welcome, my friend!

You know those people who don’t even know how to open a Binance account and after a few days, they make ten thousand with Crypto?

Perfect, now listen to me carefully, do you know why this happens?

No, that’s not because they somehow succeeded in guessing the “future of markets”

Not even because they became a series of little Warren Buffets from one day to another.

…It happens because these people have access to difficult and almost unobtainable information that “reveal” the right opportunity at the right time.

How do you get these “million-dollar tips” too?

You have to study for years, have the right contacts, filtrate and elaborate in the right way all the information you collected and many other boring and complicated things that you wouldn’t do on your own. (“I’ll sign it”, I did it and I know what it mean)

But fortunately, TODAY in Cryptoverso we have access to all this information, and we know EXACTLY how to fructify millions of “USD” every single day.

What is the good news for you?

We are now ready to share with you,

Cryptoverso CONFIDENTIAL was born for this specific purpose

We want to give people like you the possibility to rapidly and completely take advantage of the limitless “superpower” of Cryptocurrencies, without having to spend sleepless nights, lose money and take years before making one miserable dollar of profit!

You just have to copy and paste our information and leave the unpleasant and complicated job to us.

In your opinion, how much is a service like this worth?

…It is worth a lot, much more than you think!

As I was mentioning before, this service was born to give others new possibilities, and not to take them away.

And that’s the reason why you will find a (Ridiculous) launch price below to start using our service … The choice is up to you!



What is the purpose of this service?

To give the chance to EVERYONE to reach financial freedom and economic independence.

We will do that beating the target markets (BTC/USD)*, both during bullish moments (with far above average results and profits), and bearish moments (nullifying or limiting the loss, for instance “If BTC does -50% in a year, you will gain profit or, in the worst scenario, you will have a little loss). So what to do now? Join Cryptoverso CONFIDENTIAL and let’s start!

Relation between our model portfolio and the CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index (XBX) reference benchmark on an annual basis.

Cryptoverso CONFIDENTIAL Yearly Package

2497 Year
  • Access to our real-time portfolio
  • High-potential investment opportunities in Cryptocurrencies (and related information)
  • Hedging and portfolio protection strategies
  • Fixed income strategies (lending, staking, yield farming, etc.)
  • How to keep your investments safe
  • Priority access with an exclusive price to all Cryptoverso services and products, present and future ones
  • Monthly reports on the current state of cryptocurrencies with specific focus on the major markets
  • Access to our secret group
  • Access to a webinar with a certified accountant regarding the correct declaration of cryptocurrencies in your possession, to avoid problems related to missed or incorrect financial declaration
  • Access to services provided by to an exclusive and reserved price
  • Access to exclusive benefits and discounts on a selected number of our partners
  • Training to understand how to correctly apply this information
  • Direct 24/7 contact with Gabriele and Luigi
  • Access to quarterly Q&A Sessions and related recordings
  • Access to practical tutorials

BREAKING NEWS:  The available places for this service are LIMITED. The launching price won’t last forever, infact, as we will reach the maximum number of 50 people, the price will DOUBLE! (You are literally robbing us accessing such a favorable price to CRYPTOVERSO Confidencial)

Are you ready for an explosion of profits? Here is what you will receive purchasing Cryptoverso CONFIDENCIAL:

(PS: Read carefully what follows and if you have any doubt, please don’t hesitate to ask! Click on the whatsapp button on the right corner to talk with US)


EVERY DAY we will show you our Radar, explaining EXACTLY what we are buying and what we are selling to keep our portfolios always in profit.


Did you know that there are some types of crypto that you can buy even before they are launched on the market? If you can identify the right ones, it could be a real gold mine…

Read this example: We found out a real high-potential crypto (it’s a fact that it will go “to the moon”), it has not yet been released on the market and, thanks to us, you can buy it in this pre-release phase with just a couple of clicks.

…Then you decide to invest 500 dollars in this low-risk and high-potential opportunity.

What’s next?

– On the launch day it goes x3, you made 1000 usd of profit!

In the first month it goes x15, you made 7000 usd of profit!

(Effortlessly, you just have to copy and paste what will tell you!)


“With cryptos… Burning an entire bank account is really easy…!” (Here’s where 99% of cryptoexperts go wrong).

When the market goes down you have to KNOW EXACTLY what to do to avoid and contain losses.

In Cryptoverso CONFIDENCIAL we will give you the copy and paste strategy that we apply every day in order to “sleep tight” every night, even when everything seems a complete mess!


Another of the many “million dollar tips” that we will give you are copy and paste strategies to generate hundreds or thousands usd every day by making some of your capital work with protocols such as lending, staking and yield farming etc…

How does it work (in brief)?

There is a project that we verified, approved, and we are ready to share with you, and this project makes you gain 10% every day of the invested capital (How is it possible? We will explain it in the Cryptoverso CONFIDENTIAL)

Now, imagine having 1000 euros invested in this project

You will gain 10% per day, so:

– You will take home -> 100 euros every day

– You will take home -> 3000 euros every month

Think about the capital you could invest and then “just do the math” on how much you would gain only with this tip!


We will provide you copy and paste strategies to keep your investments completely safe.

But it’s not finished yet! You will also receive…

Priority access to an exclusive price for all Cryptoverso’s services and products, present and future ones
Monthly reports on cryptocurrencies state with specific focuses on the main markets

PS: Hurry up, because we are running out of available places!

How is Cryptoverso CONFIDENTIAL structured? Every package includes FOR FREE:

Access to our secret group in which every week we will share “top secret” information you will have to copy and paste to produce results

Access to all the necessary training to learn how to correctly apply this information without making mistakes

◉ Access via webinar to a professional accountant concerning the correct declaration of the cryptocurrencies you held, to avoid problems related to missed or incorrect financial declaration

◉ Access to services provided by with an exclusive and confidential price

◉ Access to exclusive benefits and discounts on a selected number of our partners

◉ Access to quarterly Q&A Sessions exclusively reserved to the members of the Confidencial service, where we will answer to all your questions (all the live sessions will be recorded and available for the members only)
Access to direct 24/7 contact with Gabriele and Luigi (Cryptoverso’s founders) and their whole team for any question, doubt or issue encountered.
Access to practical tutorials about how to follow the information and how to deploy our strategies


PS: We are not scammers… Don’t worry! We just like to use clickbait titles and we are very proud of the service we created, however here it is:

Regardless how the market goes, you will always have the confidence of knowing what to do, which opportunities to take, but, moreover, when take it!

You will save money, time and headaches avoiding the classic mistakes everyone make if unfamiliar with the crypto world.

You will have access to the same information as crypto “millionaires” to continue produce wealth thanks to the decentralized finance (DeFi)

You will always be updated and will always have an expert team that every day paves the way for you and that has your back

You will no longer do cryptocurrencies investments without having the completely control over it  

You will no longer do cryptocurrencies investments suggested by acquaintances that only make you lose money

You will stay away from Ponzi schemes, apps and weird associations created to steal capital from you

You will never be again in that situation in which you “buy at the top” and “sell at the bottom” just to save crumbs

You will no longer go to bed thinking “F***! When I buy, then everything collapses” 

PS: Hurry up, because we are running out of available places!


It’s not over yet! We also offer a guarantee: “Profit assured or FREE extended membership for another year!”

PS: Hurry up, because we are running out of available places!